Big Lots

How To Apply At Big Lots

Step 1:

Visit Big Lots’ website at and click on the “Careers” tab at the bottom right.

Step 2:

Depending on your career or qualifications, click on the orange button for the type of job you want to apply in. We will use the “Store Careers” for this guide.

Step 3:

A list of available positions will be listed. You can search the specific kind of job you want by sorting the list using the filter options such as the fields, dropdown menu and checkboxes. Once you found the job you want, click on its Requisition Title.Step 4:

Read the whole Job Description to get information about the position that you are applying for. After reading, click on the “Apply Online” button to proceed.

Step 5:

You will be required to login before you can apply. Click on the “New User” button to create your profile.

Step 6:

Begin and complete the whole application process. Your progress for the application process is indicated by the steps above.

Step 7:

After completing the whole application process, a confirmation for your submission will be displayed. If you are found to be fit for the position that you are applying for, Big Lots will contact you.

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