Dick’s Sporting Goods

How To Apply At Dick’s Sporting Goods

Step 1:

Visit Dick’s Sporting Goods’ website at http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/ and click on the “Careers” tab at the bottom.

Step 2:

Depending on your qualifications and interest, click the tab for the working environment where you want to work in. We will use the “Search Store Jobs” tab for this guide.

Step 3:

Find the job you want by entering the keyword or location. You can also simply find job in the categorized list. Once you found the job you want, click its job title.

Step 4:

Read on the job description to get the necessary details about the job. After reading, click on the “Apply for Job” link to proceed. Enter your email, first and last name on the pop up window and click on the “Start your application” and create your profile.

Step 5:

Start and complete the whole application process. Your progress is indicated by the stages above, as well as the steps in the upper right.

Step 6:

After completing the whole application process, a “Process Completed” message will be displayed. If you qualifications meet their criteria, Dick’s Sporting Goods’ management will contact you if they wish to conduct an interview with you.

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