Luna Grill

How To Apply At Luna Grill


Step 1:

Visit Luna Grill’s website at and click on the “Careers” tab.


Step 2:

Click on either the “Apply Online” tab or the “Apply Now” button.


Step 3:

Click on the “Job Openings” tab to see and browse all available positions. You may search for the job using the search field as well by entering the job title, keyword, category and/or the location.


Step 4:

Once you found the job and location you are interested in, click on either the job title or the “Show More” button.


Step 5:

The job description will be displayed. After reading the job information, click on the “Apply Online” button below.


Step 6:

A log in window will pop up asking you to sign in or sign up for an account. If you don’t have an account yet, click on the “Sign up now” button and create your account.


Step 7:

After signing up, a confirmation for the creation of an account will pop up. You can close that window and click on the “Apply Online” button again. A new pop up will ask you to complete your account by providing your resume, work experience and education.


Step 8:

After providing information, close that pop up window and click again on the “Apply Online” button. The Job Application form will pop up. Fill it up and click on the check box and “Submit” button at the bottom. Luna Grill will evaluate your application and will contact you if they find that you fit for the position.


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