How To Apply At Meijer

Step 1:

Visit Meijer’s website at and hover your cursor over the “Explore More” dropdown tab, then, click on the “Careers” sub-tab.

Step 2:

Look for available jobs by entering information in the “Find jobs by keyword” search field and/or choosing a store from the “All locations” dropdown options.

Step 3:

The list of available jobs will be listed. Once you found the job and location you want to work at, click on its job title.

Step 4:

Read on the job description to get all the necessary information about the job. After reading, click on the “Apply for Job” button and a window will pop up. Enter your email, first and last name, then, click on the “Start your application” button.

Step 5:

All applicants are required to login in order to apply. Click on the “Register” button to create your profile.

Step 6:

Start and complete the whole application process. Your progress for the application is indicated by the stages above.

Step 7:

After completing the whole application process, a confirmation for your submission will be displayed. If your qualifications meet their criteria, Meijer’s management will contact you.

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