Publix Super Markets

How To Apply At Publix Super Markets

Step 1:

Visit Publix Super Markets’ website at and click on the “Careers” tab under the Corporate section. Please note that Publix require job applicants to visit their stores for job applications.

Step 2:

Choose and click the tab for the kind of working environment you want to apply in, depending on your qualifications and interest. We will use the “Stores” tab for this guide.

Step 3:

Read more information about the kinds of working environment at Publix. Then, click on the link for the specific kind of working environment you want to work in. We will use the “non-management” for this guide.

Step 4:

Publix require applicants to apply in person at their “Job Application Center” (JAC). It is an automated kiosk for applicants to inquire and apply electronically located at the front of their stores. This page displays the available positions, duties and age requirement. Once you found the kind of job you want, click on its title under the “Interest” column.

Step 5:

Read on the job description to get more information about the job you have chosen. After reading, click on the “Store Locator” link to find the Publix store near you.

Step 6:

Find the nearest Publix location by entering the City, State, Zip, Address, and/or the Store #. Then, click on the “Find a Store” button.

Step 7:

Once you found the Publix location where you want to work at, take note of their address and phone number. Pay them a visit and submit your application through their “Job Application Center” (JAC) kiosk. You can also contact them first for any inquiries, and they will give you information.

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